Download Manok Na Pula MOD APK Latest Version 7.2 For Android [2024]

Manok Na Pula MOD APK is a popular game modification that provides more features to players. With the help of this MOD APK, you can easily achieve the maximum level of 1000 because it offers infinite money and eye resources.

Whether you’re a new player or a seasoned pro, this enhanced version can significantly boost your chicken fighting gameplay, making it more enjoyable and less time-consuming.

Make sure to read the whole guide to know about what are new features are and how it is different from the original version. This blog will also guide you on how to play the modified version without any issues. So keep reading till the end!

Size: 89.9 MB | Version: 7.2

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What’s New in Manok Na Pula APK V7.2:

We have added some of the most awaited features:

  • Level 999999999
  • 1 hit ostrich kill
  • Max level 20 of each character
  • 999% match win rate
  • Egg hatching in just one day
  • No money deduction in loss
  • Always mismatch protection

What is Manok Na Pula?

Manok Na Pula meaning “Red Chicken,” is a multiplayer video game that you can play both online and offline on your phone. Developed by Tatay, it is one of the best chicken fighting games in the Virtual world.

Players engage in various fights and in-game modes. The goal is to train your rooster, win fights, and earn rewards. The game has earned a dedicated fan following due to its fun gameplay and unique chicken characters.

The mechanism of this game is very simple: you play and fight with a rival rooster to be rewarded with money, magic dust, and dragon eye. There are also daily rewards and in-app purchase options. You can use your earned Pera to unlock and upgrade your new rooster.

Moreover, Manok Na Pula offers players up to forty fighting cocks, each with their amazing powers and abilities. For instance, the mythical SariManok has unlimited combat and protection powers, while the Super Sisiw 4 is designed with the highest attack power. Additionally, players can choose to fight in a variety of cool locations that they unlock as they level up their game.

Manok Na Pula Mod Menu Features

Here is the list of all the key features you will get with the latest version of our modified APK.

  • Unlimited money and dragon eye
  • Full level 1000
  • Free magic dust
  • All chicken unlock
  • Unlimited everything
  •  Fast egg hatching
  • All chicken max level
  •  999% winning ratio
  • Latest mod menu features
  • Low level upgradation
  • All places unlocked free
  •  One hit ostrich kill
  • Unlock Super Sisiw 3 & 4
  • Show real-time upgradation
  • Always mismatch protection
  • Fast level switcher
  • Easy chicken upgradation
  • No in-app purchases!
  • Chat-pack free
  • No lag or game crash
  • No ban
  • Multiplayer gaming experience with friends

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Manok Na Pula Mod APK Max Level 1000 [Unlimited Money & Eye]

With the Manok Na Pula APK Mod, players can easily upgrade their rooster and dominate the game. You can reach the top level and also earn free in-game coins and resources. There’s no need to worry about the lack of resources as this modified apk comes with free unlimited money and Dragon Eye.

In this latest version, you can enjoy the game thrill and battle instead of grinding for updates. Plus, you can have all the premium features without making in-game purchases. With all the perks unlocked, this chicken fighting game becomes more accessible for players who don’t have time to play for long hours collecting its rewards.

Now imagine if you can have a super powerful rooster instantly, you can beat any opponent or even defeat the ostrich easily. Let’s exlore some more unlocked features of Manok Na Pula:

  • Unlimited Resources: You have infinite everything with this new update, which greatly improves the fun factor of the game. This allows you to collect magic dust and cash without any limitations, allowing you to concentrate on the enjoyable features of the game. It’s easier and more enjoyable to play when everything you need is at your fingertips instead of having to wait for resources.
  • Unlock All Chickens: Unlocking every chicken in the game instantaneously is one of this mod’s best features. Every chicken has special abilities and strengths that greatly improve gaming. It will take a little bit of time or money to unlock each one individually. You have a better chance of winning battles and trying out new tactics if you have instant access to all the chickens.
  • Defeat Ostrich Easily: The improved powers and skills offered by this version make it much easier to defeat the ostrich, even though it can still be a difficult task in the game. This means that one of the hardest opponents, the ostrich, can now be defeated with minimal effort. You can move through the game more easily and avoid getting trapped in challenging encounters thanks to this feature.
  • Level up faster: Leveling up in the game often takes a lot of time and effort. However, with the advanced version, you can gain experience points quickly and progress levels faster than ever. Unlocking new levels and features becomes a breeze, making the gameplay more dynamic and exciting. This way, you can enjoy the full potential of the game without the usual wait.
  • Faster Egg Hatching: It can take a while to hatch eggs, but with this Manok Na Pula Apk, it happens much more quickly. Your squad can be strengthened more rapidly since you will be able to hatch and raise your chickens much more swiftly. When you add powerful chicks to your team without delay, you can play the game more fully and efficiently. You’ll be able to play more and spend less time waiting thanks to this feature.

Unlocked All Chicken

Increased Damage

Max level 1000

Pros and Cons


  • Unlimited money and eye resources
  • No in-game purchase needed
  • Enhanced gameplay experience
  • Get rid of time-wasting ads
  • Highest winning ratio in every match
  • Safe and virus-free app for your mobile


  • Take too much time to load.
  • Not available on official app stores.


Manok Na Pula Mod Vs. Official App

The official Manok Na Pula app provides a standard gameplay experience with in-game purchases and regular updates. The MOD APK, however, offers unlimited resources and easier progression. Choosing between the two depends on whether you prefer a traditional game experience or enhanced features with potential risks. The official version ensures safety and regular updates, while the MOD APK gives you the advantage of quicker progress and more resources. Weighing these factors can help you decide which version suits your gaming style best.

FeatureModified VersionOfficial Version
CostAlmost all chicken places unlocked for freeIn-app purchases required ranging from $1.5 to $50 per item
FeaturesOverload money, unlocked everything, max levelEverything locked
AdsNo-AdsContains Ads
In-App PurchasesCompletely freeYes
User ExperienceSuperior textures, enhanced graphics, smooth gameplayStandard gaming experience

System Requirements for Manok Na Pula

Before using our Mod APK, ensure your device meets the requirements. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Operating System (OS): The app requires Android 5.0 or a more advanced version.
  • RAM And Processor: Dual-core processor with a minimum frequency of 1.6 GHz and 2GB of RAM.
  • Storage: Your device should have at least 1GB of free space.

How to download Manok Na Pula Mod APK Unlimited Money and Eye?

Getting the Manok Na Pula mod menu apk is much easier. Read the quick steps given below to install the game without signing in or providing any other personal details.

  1. First of all, delete the Play Store version if you already have installed it on your phone.
  2. Go to the download button and get Manok Na Pula APK.
  3. Now, your phone may ask for permission for unknown sources; if so, enable it by going to device settings. Sometimes, a harmful app notification may appear; click on download anyway.
  4. Find the app in the download folder and tap on Install Now.
  5. After completing the installation, open the game and enjoy this online cock fighting game with unlimited money and dragon eye.

User Reviews

Sofia – Very nice game, I love it!!! One of my Filipino friends recommended me, and until now I keep on playing it almost daily. The game is so addictive and fun.

Jake Tason – Awesome game! I especially like how there’s so much chicken character and interesting modes. That’s all well and good, but please make Dragon Eyes and Magic Dust easy to obtain so we can get our favorite characters as soon as possible.

Kyle – This is my favorite game so far. I love its funny character and beautiful graphics. And I want to say thank you for adding more characters. (GUYS PLAY THIS GAME IT IS SO MUCH FUN)😊

Andrea– Best game ever! The chickens are cute and make me happy. My favorite one is “Manok Na Hokage.” I’m so proud this game was developed in the Philippines. Guys, download it now; I promise you’ll never regret it.

Get Manok Na Pula Mod APK New Update 2024!

Unlock all chickens and achieve the top level 1000 instantly with our Manok Na Pula Game Mod APK from below button.

Size: 89.9 MB | Version: 7.2

FREE Premium Version (100% Working)

App Name:Manok Na Pula Mod APK
Download Size:89.9 MB
Android Requirement:5.0 and up
Release On:1 Nov 2019
Updated On:16 Dec 2023


You can download its latest version (V7.2) from this trusted website ““. We provide a virus-free mod app that works safely and efficiently for any eligible device.

Yes, our team has tested and installed it on different mobile devices. We also conducted a virus scanning test of the mod apk. The game has successfully passed all the tests and is found to be safe for any Android device. If you have any further concerns you can watch a short YouTube video and various screenshots on this blog.

It offers 42 chicken characters to play with. All of them have special abilities and powers which make them unique from each other.

Among all the chickens, Super Sisiw 4, also known as Monkey 4 Evolve, is considered the strongest of all chickens.

Absolutely, you can play it on your PC or Laptop by downloading it from our page, Manok Na Pula for PC.

You can download new updates by staying connected with us. We are committed to only bring you the latest and safest mod version early from others. So don’t forget to bookmark this website, if you want to keep in touch for upcoming updates.

Yes, you can play all modes of this cockfighting game offline (except classic mode).

Manok Na Pula multiplayer was first released for Android devices on 1 Nov 2019.

As of January 2024, Manok Na Pula V7.2 is the latest version, which was released on 16 Dec 2023.


Manok Na Pula MOD APK is an excellent choice for anyone wishing to enhance their gaming experience with infinite resources and speedy progression to level 1000. While there are some risks, the advantages can greatly increase your enjoyment of the game. Download the latest version now to see what all the fuss is about! This patched version can breathe new life into the game, allowing you to fully explore its potential without the usual limits of limited resources and slow growth. 

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