How To Defeat Ostrich In Manok Na Pula?

Defeating the ostrich becomes more difficult as its level increases. It can also be difficult if you are new to this game and have a few basic chickens unlocked. But don’t worry, the best thing is that you came to our blog which does nothing but make you beat the beastly bird very easily.

Once you read our whole guide, we guarantee that the ostrich will never be able to laugh at your rooster again and you’ll even get your match entrance fee back. So apply our spicy tips and tricks to defeat ostrich in Manok Na Pula. No matter if the mighty bird is at level 1 or level 100, now you going to smash it efficiently.

how to defeat ostrich in manok na pula

Method 1: Prioritize Buying Strongest Character

There are two kinds of players: those who spend money as soon as they can buy new stuff, and those who choose to wait and buy the worthwhile stuff first. For example, in this game, there are a variety of chicken characters, from the basic Manok to the beast Super Sisiw 4. Each character can be purchased with in-game money and eyes.

So the most important thing here is to make a lot of money with the basic rooster you have already unlocked so that you can later buy the most expensive but powerful cock. We know the anticipation of buying new characters, but if you stick with it you can buy the strongest chicken that will help you defeat the ostrich. If you don’t know which chicken you should purchase first, read our next bonus tip.

Pro Tip: Save money to buy Manok Na Taguro first, it is one of the Manok Na Pula best chickens to max. With minimum upgrades, you can knock down the Ostrich in every match. And if you can’t afford it, choose legendary Manok Na Hokage. The highest attack power of each of its blows will cause deadly damage to the opponent.

Method 2: Use 1-Hit Trick

Want to knock down ostrich with even basic red chicken? Now it is possible with just 1 hit. Use any chicken you want in our Manok Na Pula Mod APK Max Level 1000 and turn the 1-hit ostrich kill feature in the menu. Doing so will enable the massive damage abilities in your cock to finish your opponent with a single blow.

Once you turn it on, enter the match and come out victorious every time. You have some other benefits of using our modified apk, including unlocked all chicken, max level, unlimited money, and dragon eye. If you don’t know how to correctly use this trick, you can watch a short YouTube video next. Here you can see how we use level 1 Manok Na Pula versus ostrich.

What are the Rewards of Beating the Ostrich?

Here is what you get if you beat the mighty ostrich:

  • A lot of coins and eyes.
  • Earn more, shop more.
  • Helps level up fast.
  • No match entrance money loss.

Final Words

These two methods are the answer to this question, how to defeat ostrich in Manok Na Pula – Multiplayer. We explain them in detail for you so you can easily mark your wins and save your staked coins every time. By following our tips and tricks, you not only win more money and dragon eye, but you will also save your entrance fee for the match. So go ahead choose your character and challenge the Ostrich.

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