Top 5 Best Chickens in Manok Na Pula

Manok Na Pula’s (MNP) latest version brings you 42 funny cartoon characters. You can choose the chicken of your choice. But have you ever wondered which rooster is the strongest among them?

Today, we have compared each rooster’s maximum strength to find out the top 5 best chickens in Manok Na Pula. So before spending your hard-earned money on your next cock, make sure to read our guide first. It will help you purchase the best one.

Manok na Pula Best chicken

Super Sisiw 4 (Super Manok)

The Sisiw 4 (also known as Monkey 4 Evolve) was recently added to the game and is the strongest character. With ultimate attack and health power, it is considered the most powerful character that is unbeatable by any other rooster. The best thing about this character is that it have highest fighting and defensives powers. Although Monkey 4 is quite expensive, once you successfully unlock it, you will become a strong player. You’ll easily win every match which ultimately help you to level up fast.


  • Max Health Power: 2.482849Ex07
  • Attacking Ability: 3.037117Ex07
  • Defense: 2.660214Ex07
  • Critical Chance: 100%

SariManok (Mythical)

Here comes the only legendary cock! Unlock and max it to the ultimate level and see the magic. This specific bird can easily beat giant ostrich and some other top characters, including Taguro and four tail Kyubi. Go for it if you don’t want to lose the next matches with your friends. It’s also considered the most beautiful character!


  • Health Power: 2.72667Ex07
  • Max Attack: 1.330079Ex07
  • Defense: 1.558479Ex07
  • Critical Chance: 100%

Manok Ni Taguro (120%)

Hydro chicken is the third most powerful cock! Its superior defensive power prevents attacks from enemies. That single attribute allows it to survive longer and fight longer. As a result, it can defeat Sarimanok or even Ostrich. However, you need to be a bit more careful to win matches while playing with Taguro. Keep your focus on scoring the first hit and then see how it shows you the epic gameplay.


  • Max HP: 1.656013Ex07
  • Attack Strength: 1.245897Ex07
  • Defense: 2.000722Ex07
  • Critical Damage: 95%

Manok Na Kyubi (4 tail)

Demon Fox is the affordable yet one of the mighty characters of MNP. What makes this demonic character unique is its dangerous appearance. The way it fights is so impressive. Not only does Kyubi have an agressive look, but it also has some damaging powers. Again you just have to mark the first hit and see your character’s abilities. Once you purchase it, ensure to max it out quickly to benefit from its extreme power.


  • Full Health: 2.267861Ex07
  • Attack Power: 1.55182Ex07
  • Protection: 1.3319Ex07
  • Max Damage: Chance: 92%

Manok Ni OnePunch (Bald Chicken)

Last but not least, the name suggests how powerful it is. If you take it to the full level, you can defeat the enemy’s cock with one super punch. While the bald rooster has a lower critical chance, note that it is still better than the other 37 chicks. It features strong attacking and defensive powers which make it capable of winning the match easily. So if you have enough money, go for it!


  • Health Power: 2.216562Ex7
  • Attack Power: 2.216562Ex7
  • Max Defense: 99%
  • Critical Chance: 8508492

Final Thoughts

Finally, buy any of these 5 Manok Na Pula best chickens and become an undefeatable player. We’ve added each rooster’s unique abilities and attributes so you can make an informed decision about which one you should buy. If you want to unlock all characters for free then you can download Manok Na Pula Mod APK Unlocked All Chicken Max Level. In this modified app, you’ll get unlimited coins, dragon eye, magic dust, and all chickens without any cost.

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