How To Cheat Manok Na Pula?

If you ever play Manok na pula you have a better idea of how much it can be fun and competitive this red chicken fighting game can be. And if you’re just a beginner pushing the levels and defeating your opponents can make the game quite challenging.

Don’t worry, this comprehensive guide on how to cheat Manok Na Pula is just what you need to get the instant edge in the game. From third-party Tools To Modded APKs, we’ll cover everything that can help you dominate the challenges. So get ready to roar like never before!

How to cheat Manok Na Pula

Understand Manok Na Pula

Before we proceed with different tricks, let’s have a quick overview of the game mechanics. Manok Na Pula is a popular action game where players buy and prepare their chickens to fight in different arenas. The main goal is to buy the ultimate chicken and improve its fighting strength. That’s why player pushes harder and struggle to earn game coins so that they can spend them improving their chicken’s abilities to battle. The game involves the following strategy;

Training and Upgrading:

Player invests in their chickens to increase their attributes such as stamina, defense, and health power. Training involves playing different modes and activities that improve the stats of the rooster. Investing time and resources is the only way to ensure their roosters are at full fighting potential. Upgrading specific rooster’s abilities involves using resources such as in-game coins and dragon eyes.


Two roosters partake in a match against each other, their winning ratio depends on upgradation and strategic decisions. Each game can have various outcomes depending on which rooster you’re fighting with. Choosing when to attack is the biggest match-winning factor as it provides players the edge of hitting the opponent first.


Like in any other video game, winning matches in Manok na pula gives you many rewards such as coins, dragon eye, magic dust, and XP points. These rewards are necessary to level up your rooster, unlocking new abilities, and making them undefeatable in battles.

Why Cheat in Manok Na Pula?

Using Manok Na Pula Cheat offers you several advantages, such as:

Unlimited Resources: You’ll get everything free, including endless coins, magic dust, and eye. You can use these resources to unlock all chickens and premium items.

Enhanced Stats: Using infinite in-game currency you can train and upgrade your chicken with no effort and time. That means, you can have the strongest rooster unlocked without grinding.

Win Battle Easily: Playing with the top fighting chicken increases the chances of winning the game every time. No matter whether your opponent is an experienced player or not, you’ll benefit from having the mighty chicken.

Ranks up Quickly: The highest winning ratio means more XP points which ultimately helps the player push the rank faster. Each level brings you the many premium features unlocked such as top places, voice packs, and rooster’s abilities.

Common Methods To Cheat Manok Na Pula

While some people like to play a fair game to really enjoy what the game is all about, many other players find ways to play Red Chicken unfairly in the desire to get all the rewards quickly. Below we have revealed possible ways to cheat and get all the perks free.

1. Modified APKs

Modded APKs are the modified versions altered by third-party developers. These APKs work by altering game mechanics to provide various cheats including infinite money and instant upgrades. These files often come with user interfaces that allow players to toggle cheats on and off. Here’s an in-depth guide to using such patched file:

Choose a Reliable Source: Find a website that is only dedicated to Manok Na Pula Mod APK because you can not have it from any official app store. These are trusted websites and often have no malware or viruses in their cheats.

Download the File: Once you find a reliable source, check the requirements to download the file to your device.

Enable Unknown Resources: To ensure the complete installation of the modified APK, go to your device settings and allow installation from unknown sources.

Install & Play: Now access the file from the download folder and tap on it to run the installation. Follow the on-screen instructions. Once installed you can now launch and play with cheats like unlimited currency and unlocked premium features.

2. Exploiting Glitches:

Each new version of the game brings unintended bugs or flaws in the game such as unlocking free chickens and skipping level requirements. Players manipulate these in-game glitches to get unfair advantages.

Stay Updated: As mentioned above, most new updates come with new bugs but can be fixed later. So keep an eye out for any next update to get benefits earlier.

Identify New Glitches: Join gaming communities and channels, where players around the world share information about new glitches.

Watch Tutorial: Sometimes identifying glitches is easy but knowing how they work is challenging. Don’t worry, you can watch video tutorials available on different social media platforms. Here you can get step-by-step guides on how to exploit them.

Ethical Considerations And Risks

While cheating can short-term gains in Manok Na Pula, it is essential to understand the risk involved and ethical considerations. Think about the following ethics before attempting to cheat:

Account Bans: Using third-party software can crash the game and make it unplayable. There’s also a high chance of detection and permanent banning. Game developers use anti-cheat systems to detect the modifications that can lead to account suspension.

Virus Risk: Downloading patched files from unsafe sources can harm your device with unwanted malware. So be careful of such spammy websites to prevent device damage.

Long-term Enjoyment: Using hacks in the game makes everything too easy such as daily tasks and missions. This shortens the lifespan of any game’s enjoyment. Players who play unfairly don’t feel the excitement of achieving various rewards and progression.

Unfair Advantage: Cheating can disrupt the balance of the game and can ruin the opportunity of getting rewards from other players. It can also reduce the enjoyable gaming experience, as players can no longer trust their opponents are playing fairly.

Alternatives to Cheating

If you are in favor of fair game, you can still improve your gameplay:

Guides and Tutorials:

Read online blog posts and watch video tutorials to understand how to play Manok na pula. Many experienced players share valuable insights and tips that can help you become an undefeatable player. Ensure to stay tuned to advanced techniques, training methods, and tips for winning battles.

Practice And Patience:

Playing regularly helps you improve your skills. You deeply learn the game’s mechanics and know-how that make you a better player. Practice your decision-making skills and knowledge about the abilities of various roosters. Over time, you’ll become capable of achieving success through your efforts.

In-game purchases:

The only legal way to improve your game stats fast and also support the game developers is by considering in-game purchases. Investing money in a game obtains your resources and upgrades quickly without cheating. In Manok na pula you can buy various items in bundles with your real money.


Cheating in Manok Na Pula provides a quick and easy way to gain quick benefits in the game. Whether you go for third-party APKs or manipulate different glitches, keep in mind the advantages against the potential risks and game ethics. Always use dedicated and reliable sources to download modified APKs to be safe from unwanted bugs. Most importantly, the best way to enjoy any game is through playing fairly and overcoming challenges.

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